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Welcome to the family owned and operated "The Boxing Academy".

Our first boxing club was established in 2008. Since our start up we are home to numerous National Champions, Provincial/Ontario Golden Glove champions and regional tournament champions. Our bootcamps, boxing, kickboxing and conditioning classes are some of the best you will find in the area of Toronto & GTA.
We have classes for men, women and children of all ages and experience levels.
Whatever your goal might be, we will help you reach it. Drop in, speak to our coach(s), try a class and ADD SOME PUNCH TO YOUR WORKOUT!

Sarah Lo brings home another undisputed Golden Gloves 2017 victory.

| Women's Boxing | No Comments
Sarah Lo has recently won another amateur bout during The OBA/WBC Ontario Golden Gloves Tournament. The event took place on Saturday, April 8 2017 at Elements Nightclub in Kitchener. This...

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Why Boxing?

Boxing is a great full body workout. There is really nothing like a boxing workout to hit all your muscle groups. It really doesn’t matter–upper, lower body–you can hit them all. Boxing is also unique because it welcomes people of all shapes and sizes. Boxing really doesn’t discriminate. It’s a fun sport. There is a lot to learn and it’ll challenge you.

Total Body Workout

Boxing involves punching, bouncing, ducking, pivoting it requires repetitive motions for your entire body. These repeated movements will provide strength and power to your arms, legs and core.

Weight Loss

Boxing can burn between 500-1000 calories in one hour, depending on the intensity. Boxing will torch calories and greatly assist in your weight loss goals.

Relieve Stress

Boxing provides a great stress relief. It allows emotional release through physical conditioning. Research shows that people who box regularly are more cheerful, getting rid of stress and tension with every punch! Physical activity has proven to be beneficial in the management of stress; you won’t find a better sport to increase physical conditioning like boxing.


… and counting. Join The Boxing Academy today at one of our locations in Toronto or Ajax, Ontario. Boxing training classes for adults and kids, men and women.

Oh! & We are sparring too…

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