Sarah Lo has recently won another amateur bout during The OBA/WBC Ontario Golden Gloves Tournament. The event took place on Saturday, April 8 2017 at Elements Nightclub in Kitchener. This event was hosted by Sydfit Boxing.

Besides being an active instructor at The Boxing Academy, Sarah Lo helps Brock run both clubs Toronto and Ajax (Toronto Boxing Academy and Durham Boxing Academy). She also coaches various classes at Toronto Boxing Academy. Believe it or not, Sarah Lo, a successful woman who loves boxing, actually “landed” in the Torontonian boxing scene with a competitive swimmer background from university of Missouri Alumni.

On April 8, Sarah Lo (black trunks and jersey) fought against Jynelle Bourne (blue trunks and jersey) for the middleweight division Golden Gloves Ontario. The fight was epic, she showed a lot of heart and an impeccable boxing technique. Sarah Lo trains hard and fights even harder, as a result of her long and hard training at Toronto Boxing Academy and Durham Boxing Academy with Brock Arthur (her husband, coach and business partner). After an epic bout, she won by unanimous decision, putting up quite a pugilistic show in Canadian Women’s Boxing scene 2017.

Brock Arthur says:

“I’m really proud of her with this and all of her accomplishments.She has a very successful competitive swimming background, a mother, entrepreneur (co-owns TBA with me and started her kids clothing line Ming by Ming). But before anything, she is the greatest mother and wife. I am so lucky…”

This is not Sarah’s first success on the boxing scene. In 2016 she was Ontario Golden Gloves’ Silver Medalist & Fight of the Night honours.

Photo of Sarah being presented the best female fighter award by Syd Vanderpool and Bradley Hamil.

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